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Summer Special!
Give all 3 of our amazing tracks a crack while filming every second of the action with one of our waterproof cameras, then slide out of the globe and into one of our new unique Original ZORB t-shirts!! Special includes: 3 Rides of your choice + waterproof camera & footage + an official Original ZORB t-shirt. $120 per person. Rides are for a single person to do 3 rides, rides can not be split or used by another person.
Zorb Single
Go it alone and take on any of our three tracks, blast down the fast track, experience the washing machine on the ZigZag, or take on the challenge of the worlds only drop track!
Zorb Double
Take a friend and share the fun! Double passes are for two people riding together in the same globe. Race down the fast tracks or roller coaster it up on the ZigZag track.
Zorb Triple
The more the merrier! Grab two friends and hurtle your way down our fast track.
3 Ride Pass
Can you handle them all? Grab a three ride pass and experience all of our tracks including the worlds only drop track! Three ride passes are for a single person to ride three times.
Family Pass
Zorb is about creating memories! Our family passes are designed to make life a lot more fun and a bit more affordable. Passes are for two adults and two children (must be still be at school) and are for one ride per person. Passes can be taken as 2 doubles or 1 triple and a single.

Sorry Kids!
Zorbing 6+

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